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  1. Happy Easter Day!

    Sunday, April 8, 2012

    hello, fellows. i'm back again, posting some updated news about me, and surroundings. March went so fast. but i've been experiencing some most fascinating moments. let's talk about it. :D

    so, start from the beginning of March. 9th March was our beloved friend's birthday. she is Vero! for the first, we surprised her at the school. but, i think it was not so exciting. then, me and some friends were planning to trick her the next day. we gifted her, again, a new-black-classic-guitar, with our signatures on it. she was speechless. even she didn't expect for another surprise. :P "read here"
    besides, i made a very short movie for her birthday event. "click here"

    another birthday party was held by Tifanny. she celebrated her birthday on 25th March. she treated us karaoke and eat. everything went so fine. everybody was enjoying her party. that was the first time i was treated to karaoke and eat at the same time. what an amazing party!
    wanna feel what i felt? just see what i made for her birthday party. :D "click here"

    in another week, we had one week full holidays. i did nothing. but my mom, sis, bro, aunt, and cousins were going to Kuching the week after, left me and dad, starving and surviving in here. :'(

    the days, terrible days, had passed. well, we're done with our mid tests, and the result was quite.. good? me and others keep trying to reach better grade by studying harder and harder.

    by the way, i've been posting some photos in Instagram these days. for those who can't see my Instagram timeline, just go to my TUMBLR, and you'll see the exactly same timeline of photos there.

    today is 08-04-2012. we went to church for celebrating Easter. have you got some eggs? :D

    gotta go. Nicholas, whose birthday on 4th April is gonna treat us at 12.00 P.M. (•̯͡.•̯͡) 
    Psalms 29 : 11 "The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace."

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  2. This World's Going Mad!

    Friday, February 24, 2012

    today's is Friday. wait, is it Friday? so, why am i updating my blog while i'm supposed to be in the school? well, okay, i'm not feeling very well. this flu, stomachache, and throat-inflammation make me crazy! i can't be so loud, i can't concentrate well in studying, and i've lost one day of fun today. um, let's talk about another topics.

    last week, we, 11 Science graders, were having retreat to Anjungan. it took about 2 hours driving from Pontianak. there were no much views. but, the rice field around there was very oh-muse-zync! we took some photo there. my friends and i were trying to take some levitation photos, and we got some great photos! woohoo!

    the worst from that retreat was, we, the boys, were sleeping in a very high temperature bedroom. so, there were about 18 to 19 boys who slept in 1 median bedroom. we didn't have any air-con. so, the night went so hot, as hot as hell! hopefully, we still can enjoy our night there.

     Friendship is the only one ship which can not be broken.

    and the last one, my house had been blessed. there was a pastor who blessed my house. my mom and i invited some friends of ours to our house. this house was going crazy! it was like a thousands of people were chatting, eating, and walking around the house. that was a tiring day. *sigh*

    next Wednesday's gonna be the 29th of February. it happens once in 4 years. have you planned what you're gone do in that day? me, haven't. :P

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  3. 2012 rawks!

    Sunday, January 1, 2012

    "Time flies, but memories will stay."

    well, i've been having BBQ party with some friends. there were sausages, chickens, corns, satays, and also home-made fettucini. gathering in the new year's eve is the best thing ever. we were chatting, sharing some stories, and even playing games. that night walked too fast, until it made me felt like i was enjoying my last day of 2010, not 2011.
    after having our meals, we're amazed by the fireworks. lots of fireworks were painted in the sky, and they were so beautiful. besides, we also bought our own fireworks. it costed about half of million rupiahs, if i'm not mistaken. i took some pictures of them. one of my friends suggested to make 2012-word with the fireworks, and i worked! just scroll to see some pictures of that moment.

    i have been given some experiences in 2011. they were some precious, memorable, and even worst experiences. 2011 successfully changed my high school life. i hope, in 2012, there are more experiences to be remembered. wish 2012 will be a better year than 2011. :D

    "Hope for the BEST, but also Prepare for the WORST"

    today's the first of January. it means that school's approaching! it will be so boring. but, we'll celebrate Chinese New Year and my grade will have retreat in this last of the January. what a good month to start this 2012.

    okay, in the end of this post, i just wanna say.... 2012, just please be nice. :)
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  4. Photograph

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    well, based on what i've said on my last post, i'm gonna post some best photos which were taken and edited by me. i don't know exactly how, when, or why i can like photographing. i think, taking photos in some events is just very exciting! we can save the photos in our computer, print them, or even share them with our friends. for me, it's very fascinating to recall the memorable moment by looking at the photos. they share the smile, laugh, or even the tears. :)

    she is my sister, which is in the first and third photos. she's 5 years old, and will be 6 in this January. she's a little bit photogenic. what i love from her is her natural look when the camera is taking her pictures.
    next, we have Vero and Steven in the second photo. the photo was taken when Awang's birthday party. his house is huge, even as large as a soccer field, i think. the lighting is perfect!

    actually, i still have some photos which i want to show you. but, due to the internet connection, it doesn't allow me to upload photos as many as i want. this internet is really super-hyper-duper sucks! but, i'll upload them another time. :)

    gaaah.. i keep struggling with this internet connection. i've not downloaded the iOS yet, and now, i've to upgrade some apps, whose in about 300MB! ._____________.

    well, see ya! :)

    ~(‾▿‾~) ~(‾▿‾)~ (~‾▿‾)~ 
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    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Is this my BLOGGY? Whoa, I've never been posting any single post since FOREVER! 

    this semester is too tough to be survived. all of the subjects are getting tougher, harder, and crazier. how can i have time for updating my bloggy? besides, there were so many tasks and tests. luckily, now i'm enjoying my holiday. since i get no where to be visited, i'll be updating my bloggy. (•̯͡.•̯͡) 

    best year ever, yeah, 2011 is the best year ever, for me. this year, i got so many things that i wanted. from the new camera, until new house to be stayed. this year won't be replaced. i've got so many problems to be solved. they made me stronger and i've to learn how to be more mature to live in this life.

    mom told me that we'll be moving to our new house. it's not too far from my house. and guess what? i'll be having my own room! yeah! \(^^)/ mom and dad asked me for doing my room by myself. from the wallpaper, the furnitures, and.... until the place of the furnitures. fyi, i'm a chatter-box. :D

    for now, i'm still struggling with the newest iOS. i'm planning to download it, but 650MB is too big to be downloaded. my internet is too silly, SUCKS! (hey! i've typed it in the last post :P)

    well, gotta go now. but i'm planning to post some best photos in this year in the next post. :)
    i've to attend my friend's 17th birthday party. let's wish him for the best. :)

    ~(‾‾~) ~(‾‾)~ (~‾‾)~ 
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